Surrey Cricket League  (EST 1975)


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Match Day Guidance


  1. Before the start of the game, both teams shall complete an ECB team card and pass to either the umpires (if panel umpires have been appointed to the match) or to the opponents.
  2. Before the start of the game, if panel umpires have been appointed to the match, their match fees (in cash) shall be paid to them.

Reporting Match Result

By midnight of the day of the match the HOME team shall enter, on the scorecard on the club Play-Cricket website, the result, team scores, wickets down, overs bowled and bonus points of the losing team (the winning team is automatically credited with 20 points). This shall include a game abandoned, incomplete or conceded. A team with less than 11 players is “all out” if the last wicket falls. Use the highlights box to indicate any unusual circumstances, such as a reduction in overs.

ABANDONED - match started but no result possible

CANCELLED - match did not start - no play at all

CONCEDED - team concedes beforehand or fails to arrive for match

Match Conceeded

The CONCEDING team shall notify opponents (and umpires and Shyam Bharadwaj if panel umpires have been appointed to the match) as soon as possible if unable to field a side. Failure to notify opponents by 8:00pm on the Wednesday before the match incurs a £100 surcharge in addition to the £50 payment for failing to honour a fixture.

Completing Scorecard

BOTH teams shall complete the match scorecard on the club Play-Cricket website. The HOME team shall complete the scorecard by midday of the Monday following the match and the AWAY team shall make any corrections by midday of the Tuesday following the match. The AWAY team may enter the scorecard details first and must complete their details by midday of the Tuesday following the match even if the HOME team has not done so.


  1. Log onto your club Play-Cricket website and click on the ADMIN button.
  2. Click on RESULTS and this will list the weekend’s league games for your club. Note: The fixtures are moved from the fixtures to the results section midnight Saturday. If you cannot see the matches there you can search by specific details (ie. by date and team).
  3. Click on ENTER next to the match result you wish to submit (if the opposition have entered the result this will show as EDIT).
  4. Enter the match details onto the summary page. Note: The scorebook must add up because if it does not it will cause problems later. The details to be entered are:
    • Ground / Result / Team which won toss
    • Details of your team: Batted first or not / Runs / Wickets / Number of overs
    • Details of opponents: Runs / Wickets / Number of overs
    • Batting and bowling points for losing side. Note: Do NOT enter points of winning team. These are recorded automatically.
    • Highlights of match (eg. scores of 50 or over, five wickets plus, hat-tricks)
  5. Click on SAVE to submit the result.
  6. Confirm your team: You will see a list of one to eleven on the left hand side and on the right hand side a list of available players for your team which is on the club’s database. Select your players in batting order from the database and click on the relevant box for captain and wicketkeeper. Notes: (a) Unsure is not acceptable for any player. (b) Do NOT type in a player’s name. It must be selected from the database. A player’s name must be entered on the club’s Play-Cricket database before he can be entered on a scorecard. (c) If the opposition has selected a wrong player you can select the correct player.
  7. Click on SAVE TEAM.
  8. Confirm your opposition: As above select their team. Note: If you cannot find a player’s name on the list, click on PICK A PLAYER FROM DATABASE and select from there. If the player’s name is not there you may select UNSURE.
  9. Click on SAVE TEAM.
  10. Enter details of team batting first as follows:
    • How out, not out or did not bat (from drop down list)
    • Fielder if applicable (from drop down list)
    • Bowler if applicable (from drop down list)
    • Scores
    • Extras
    • Scores at fall of wickets
    • Batsmen out at fall of wickets (from drop down list)
    • Figures of bowlers (from drop down list)
  11. Click on SAVE SCORECARD.
  12. Enter details of team batting second: As for team batting first.
  13. Click on SAVE SCORECARD. Note: If all details match you will be able to proceed. If they do not you will get a comment BOWLING AND BATTING DO NOT MATCH in which case you will need to check the entries made and correct errors.
  14. You will be taken to VIEW SCORECARD where you can see all the details entered. Click on BACK TO RESULTS.
    • Notes: (a) On the summary results screen you must enter the time the match started. If the overs are reduced due to weather, late arrival then this should be entered in the highlights box (eg. match reduced to 38 overs due to weather). (b) If the 2nd innings’ target is reduced due to weather then the target score should be entered in the highlights box.


  1. The League does not have criteria about the content and quality of teas and it would be very difficult to draft any. Nevertheless, there have been complaints about the quality of teas, and also about what might be called “specialist” teas, such as a curry with no alternative. The HOME team should do their best to offer a reasonable tea and at least provide the traditional sandwich based option as a part of the tea, allowing for vegetarians.
  2. Should an AWAY team have any special dietary needs, eg all players vegetarian, it is their responsibility to notify their opponents in good time before the match.
  3. The AWAY team should also notify the HOME team if full teas are not required, for example during Ramadan.
  4. The HOME team bears the full cost of the tea.

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